Metallic brake pads are a fair priced allround solution for most common conditions, where brakes are not getting extremely heated up. They work exxcelent for urban use, dirt, cross country and lighter enduro rides with shorter downhill segments. Even downhill racers, who are not standing on the brake all the way down, swear on the higher brake performance than the sintered brake pads offer. The high percentage of iron and copper in the compound, offer a longer life and more heat resistance compared to organic disc brake pads.

- TÜV Süd tested / EN 14766
- Iron and copper compound for a better heat resistance
- Kevlar additive to increase the lifetime
- Works well in all weather conditions
- Non asbestos
- Price competetive


MI-MET-11      Magura Louise HS55, Magura Clara 2000
MI-MET-12     Magura Gustav M
MI-MET-13     Magura Julie
MI-MET-14     Magura Clara 2001, Magura Lousie FR 2002
MI-MET-15     Magura Marta / Marta SL
MI-MET-16     Magura Louise 2007/08, Magura Marta 2009, Magura Julie 2009, Brake Force One
MI-MET-17     Magura MT 2/4/6/8
MI-MET-18     Magura MT 5
MI-MET-19     Magura MT 7

MI-MET-21     Shimano XT 2003, BR-M755, Hope Tech M4, Hope Mono M4, Grimeca System 8
MI-MET-22     Shimano De. M555 / Nexave C-900/901 w/spring
MI-MET-23    Shimano Deore BR-M525/ 575/ 486/ 475/ 485 Hydraulic, C501/601, Shimano Deore 515/ 416, Tektro Auriga/Auriga Comp/Auriga Pro
MI-MET-24    Shimano XTR bis 2010 BR-M975, BR-M966, Shimano XT BR-M775, BR-M765, LX BR-M585, Deore BR-M535, Saint, Hone, Shimano SLX 2009 BR-M665
MI-MET-25     Shimano new Saint ab 2009 BR-M810, Shimano Zee
MI-MET-26     Shimano new XTR 2011, XT und SLX ab 2012, CX75 mechanical

MI-MET-30     Hope E4
MI-MET-31      Hope Mini 2003
MI-MET-32     Hope M4 (4pcs)
MI-MET-33     Hope XC 4 pistion
MI-MET-34     Hope 2 pistion
MI-MET-35     Hope Mono 6Ti, 6-pot
MI-MET-36     Hope Mono Mini|
MI-MET-37     Hope Moto V2
MI-MET-38     Hope Mono Trial
MI-MET-39     Hope Tech X2

MI-MET-41     Hayes MX1, MX9, HFX-Mag, HFX-9, Promax
MI-MET-42     Hayes MX2, MX3, Sole, CX-5
MI-MET-43     Hayes EL Camino
MI-MET-44     Hayes Stroker Ryde bis 2009
MI-MET-45     Hayes Stroker Trail, Gram, Carbon
MI-MET-46     Hayes Ace
MI-MET-47     Hayes Prime
MI-MET-48     Hayes stroker Ryde 2010, Dyno, Radar; MX5, CX

MI-MET-51     Formula B4, B4 Racing, XC, FR, DH, BR, Team, Pro, SL
MI-MET-52     Formula ORO, Bianco, K18, K24, Puro
MI-MET-53     Formula Mega,The One,R1,RX, RO
MI-MET-54     Formula CR3, R1, T1

MI-MET-61     Avid Juicy 3/5/7, Carbon, Ultimate, BB7
MI-MET-62     Avid BB5
MI-MET-63     Avid Code, Code 05, bis 2010
MI-MET-65     Avid Elixir, XX, X0, Trickstuff the Cleg
MI-MET-66     Avid Code R 2011
MI-MET-67     Avid X.O Trial, Guide
MI-MET-68     SRAM Red
MI-MET-69     Avid DB1, DB3, DB5
MI-MET-71     Giant 2001

MI-MET-81     Tektro IO
MI-MET-85     Tektro Suntour DB XCC-MC
MI-MET-90     Tektro Lyra, Novela, IOX
MI-MET-91     Tektro Dorado