Organic brake pads provide excellent all-round performance at a very good price point. During manufacturing different organic carbons are pressed together with resin. Depending on the desired application specific characteristics can be optimized by the composition of the carbons. In comparison with disc brake pads with higher metal content, organic pads brake on much lower noise and increase the service life of the rotor. In addition, the braking force can be dosed very well. Miles Racing organic disc brake pads work in dry and wet weather conditions and wherever the discs are not getting excessively hot. Anyone blasting fast descents on steep terrain, where discs getting extremely heated by excessively braking, we recommend our heat-resistant sintered disc pads. 

-       Very good value
-       Low noise
-       Good all-round performance
-       Gentle on the Rotor
-       For all weather conditions


MI-ORG-17    Magura MT 2/4/6/8
MI-ORG-18    Magura MT5 / MT 7
MI-ORG-19    Magura MT 7

MI-ORG-23   Shimano Deore BR-M525/ 575/ 486/ 475/ 485 Hydraulic, C501, C601, Shimano Deore 515/ 416, Tektro Auriga Comp & Pro, Draco
MI-ORG-24   Shimano XTR bis 2010, M965, BR-M975, BR-M966, Shimano Deore XT BR-M765, BR-M775, M776, LX BR-M585, Deore BR-M535, M595, M596, Saint M800, Hone M601, Shimano SLX 2009 BR-M665, Non-Series M545, R505, T605, Alfine S500, S501
MI-ORG-25    Shimano new Saint from 2009 BR-M810, Shimano Zee
MI-ORG-26   Shimano new XTR 2011, M985, M988, Deore XT M785, SLX ab 2012, M666, M675, Alfine S700, Non-Series CX77, CX75 mechanical, R515, R517

MI-ORG-61    Avid Juicy 3/5/7, Carbon, Ultimate, BB7
MI-ORG-62    Avid BB5
MI-ORG-65    Avid Elixir, XX, X0, Trickstuff the Cleg
MI-ORG-67    Avid X.O Trial, Guide