Name: Carlo Dieckmann
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Sponsors: Miles Racing, Leaf Cycles, Sportimport, Continental

Carlo spends pretty much all his life on a bike and whenever it comes to the word "flow", you should see him riding to fully understand the meaning of it. It doesn´t matter on which kind of bike he is sitting on. Put him on a dirt bike and he is flying through the air with style, give him a  freeride bike and he is hammering down the mountain or ride a simple cross country tour with him and you will see a fat smile in his face. He just loves biking.

During the seasons 2005 to 2006 he was turning pro and riding for the Cannondale CUT team, traveling the world, competing and doing photo sessions. After Cannondale closed this team, he switch to the little german dirt bike brand „leafcycles“, which he is still riding for.

As extensive his bike skills, are his skills when he is off the bike. With his bike blog www.mtbisokay he is giving something back to the bike community. He is although a video filmer, editor, graphic artist and a very creative guy. To keep it short. He is a „Eierlegende Wollmilchsau“ (that is german, but sorry it can´t get translated into english).